Are you in pain? Want relief?

We have helped thousands like you.

We have special times set aside for people who call with that pain that needs attention  … right now.

When you hurt, you want to get on track to feel better. You know you might not have instant results, but you want to get started quickly, like right away.

You want a doctor who will not only get you in quickly but get to work quickly.

Relief is first. You can’t function when you hurt. We want to get you on track for resuming life.

Then what?   …  What is next?  …   Is there a next? 

For many, no. That is it. They want to get out of pain and out of here.

For others, they want to never feel that pain again. They don’t want to feel any pain ever again. They want to learn what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy for life.

Dr. Ford Franklin has been in practice since 1978. During that time, he has seen thousands of patients with conditions ranging from simple back pain to screaming-down-on-the-floor disc bulges, from kid’s colic to regular check-ups for wellness.

Dr. Franklin sees the person with a health issue, not a mere “case”.  He drills down to find the cause of the problem affecting each person, never merely patching over the pain. In other wise, correct the cause, don’t treat the effect.

Dr. Franklin starts by listening to your description of your pain and symptoms. He then asks a series of questions designed to ferret out WHY you have the problem.

  • THAT you have a problem is a given
  • WHERE in your body the pain is, and HOW LONG you’ve had it is important
  • WHY you have it, and HOW you got it is critical to getting better.

He’ll find out not only what is causing your pain, but the cause of the cause: what in your life displaced something and triggered pain in the first place. We want going to fix it right once and for all, and this information will point us there.