Let’s get to the bottom of this and fix it right.

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I’ve said that or an equivalent to many patients since 1978. 

Chiropractic exists on many levels. 
1. One-crack-and-hope… 
2. Enough care to feel better… 
3. Back pain only… 
4. Eliminate the cause and let your body heal itself… of just about anything… 
5. Find and correct interference to achieve optimum health. 

Since I started practice in 1978, I have seen it all. “Band-aid” only care… pain-relief-only care… and a few educated or open-minded souls who accept that health is not really about mere symptom relief, and who will do what it takes to get well. Truly well. 

When you come to me, I’ll conduct a thorough consultation and exam to find out the root cause of your health problem. I’ll present a plan to correct the underlying cause of that problem once and for all. And because some correction plans may seem overwhelming, I’ll present shorter alternatives. They’re easier to do, less money, but of necessity less results. 

Why this method? 

Simple. Western medicine is currently hostage to symptom-suppression. We define the lack of pain as a lack of problem. Treatment that lessens pain is considered a cure. 


Whether it is short-term-profit-minded insurance companies or ill-educated doctors and patients, merely reducing symptoms only makes the problem worse. 

Proper care spends less on treatment and attends to the bottom-line, underlying CAUSE of your ill health. Fix the cause, and there is no more problem to hurt you. Maintain the correction and stay healthy for life. 

In the end, you’ll see me or any doctor less, and enjoy a longer, fuller life.