Back pain and chiropractic

Back pain is the one symptom most associated with chiropractic care. Most people think that is what we do:  treat back pain and not much else. Some say nothing else.

While some chiropractors go along with this to fulfill peoples’ expectations, it is as far from the truth as one can be.

Back pain responds very well to chiropractic; that is true... But…

… that is kind of like saying supermarkets sell canned food and that is all. There is so much more.

Think of it this way:  every part of your body has to coordinate with every other part to make you healthy. That is, if you define health as all parts working right, and not merely feeling OK.

When your nerves are free to carry vital messages and energy to and from your brain, that is a key part of being healthy. If nerves do not carry messages and energy, or if it is garbled or blocked even a little, you cannot be healthy and in fact are not healthy. Back pain? Maybe as a symptom, but hardly indicative of anything specific.

Nerve interference… simply put, choked nerves … can cause anything to be sick, and symptoms can cover the long list of whatever you can imagine.

Back pain is on that list. So is everything else.