Fibromyalgia hurts all over. You are tired all the time, but can’t sleep at night. You fall asleep any old where in the day, and in odd places. You seem to have the sniffles all the time. You feel cold a lot and want to wear a parka by the fire… in July. You are irritable and people avoid you.

Your blood tests all come back normal. There seems to be no reason for your pain… but it is real. To you. Heck, it is real, period. You are not making this up!

But… were you like that before you started hurting?   Likely, you were outgoing and friendly. A real nice person. You slept like a baby and felt great when you woke up.

You’ve tried medication…. Doesn’t work, does it?  Well, a little, but the effect drops off.

Physical therapy… again, not much and maybe you got worse.

Same with chiropractic spinal adjustments; they were supposed to free the nerves to heal you, but did you have a negative reaction? More pain shortly after?

Massage?  Feels great in the doing and lasts for maybe a few hours. And maybe 5 minutes.

There are reasons for all that. I’ll explain them.

Fibromyalgia is a real condition, but often misplaced and thereby wrongly diagnosed.

By misplaced I mean geographically in your body because so many people, doctors included, think it comes from the same place where it hurts, which is all over. They think it is a muscle problem of vague origin, or maybe “in your head”. 

Fibromyalgia is in your head alright, but not mentally.

It is not a psychiatry issue;

It is in your physical brain, specifically your brainstem.


That is why it is misdiagnosed so darn often. Docs think it is in your muscles and it is not.

MDs try to use drugs because that is what they know. PTs try to stretch and exercise it away, but that actually feeds the problem, not the solution. DCs (chiropractors) believe everything stems from the spine, so adjustments are their choice, but spine adjustments create strong nerve impulses that can aggravate fibromyalgia.

So, what does work?  Are you doomed to suffer?   …..  NO!

There is a cadre of chiropractors who do know what can help. They have studied a niche of the profession that is not (yet) well known or accepted. It offers a powerful and effective treatment for fibromyalgia sufferers, and has been proven to work in almost 600 offices across the USA.

I am one of those 600.

Fibromyalgia comes from neurological imbalance in your brain. It is not a mental issue, but involves nerve cells that have become sick from excess or ongoing stress.

Stress in your life can knock nerves off their normal function. While actual firing is “all or nothing”, what makes them fire varies a lot. When nerves get sick due to ongoing or powerful stress, the frequency of firing slows down, which is bad, or speeds up, which leads to fatigue and a crash, and we’re back to slow. Slow firing leads to inflammation, and inflamed nerves send pain signals to the awareness part of your brain where they are interpreted as body pain.

Fibromyalgia. Feels like all-over body pain, but it comes from your brainstem.

ü  Drugs kill pain by slowing down the function of pain-carrying nerve fibers. But in fibromyalgia, the cause of pain is nerves firing too slowly to begin with.

ü  PT aggravates fibromyalgia because the nerve system can take only so much stimulation before it overloads and freaks out. This is called exceeding metabolic capacity. Any exercise will do it, or loud noises, playing or attending an exciting game, etc.

ü  Chiropractic adjustments send powerful nerve impulses up the posterior column of your spinal cord to your brain. Normally, this is good for your health, but in fibromyalgia, the works is upside-down. It causes an overload.


What the fibromyalgia protocol does is use focused neurological activities to stimulate the slow parts of your brain back to normal firing – normal function.  (How do you get stronger? Work out. How do you strengthen a poorly-functioning brain cell? Make it do what it is not doing!)   

Here is the sequence:

1.      Neurological activities to stimulate sick, low frequency-of-firing brain sections back to normal function.

a.       This uses simple activities you do first under supervision in the doctor’s office to be sure you do them correctly.

b.      Next, you continue the activities at home. This achieves frequency and saves you money.

c.       Activities are changed to reflect improvement and to not allow the body to habituate – it gets something new and continues progress.

d.      The chiropractic doctor applies specific types of adjustments to stimulate your brain and promote healing. These are not the familiar “cracks” but slow, gentle moves that target nerves, and are not intended to re-align your spine or mobilize stuck joints. Not yet; we’ll get to that.

e.       Once nerve function is back to normal, the chiropractor will balance the spine and mobilize joints that need it to remove ongoing stress and restore musculo-skeletal normal function.

f.        The sequence is:

i.      Neurological first, trumping any orthopedic needs.

                ii.      Orthopedic second to balance the nerve and skeletal systems and promote long-term optimum health.


Special note: If you have fibromyalgia, it is a virtual certainty that you also have a thyroid problem. The two are related in that both stem in large part from imbalance in nerve FOF – frequency of firing. Both respond to similar treatment, both without drugs.

Dr. Franklin has studied these targeted methods and can confer with the other 600 or so doctors via an internet message board. That way, you get the benefit of a large team seeking answers to your problem!

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