YOU are designed to be healthy all the time… 
But obviously, few people get that way… 
How to stand out from the crowd and enjoy Optimum Health

Opening summary:   Humans are supposed to be healthy at all times. We get sick due to something getting in the way of proper body function – interfering if you will. If we find and clear out the interference, then we should be able to heal and restore good health. The most common interference is the spine getting out of whack and choking nerves. Back pain, maybe, but nerves go to every individual organ and cell in your body, so the effect is far greater, involving everything and anything in your body. Chiropractic is the #1 profession and science able to find spine-bone (vertebra) displacement and fixation (locked together, not moving right). Chiropractic helps you to be 100% healthy as you are meant to be.

The greater story:

Is sickness normal? Are we designed to be subject to every little stress, every germ that wanders by? Are germs and other outside negative stresses our inevitable downfall? If so, why have humans survived this long? Shouldn’t we have been extinct before the first person ever stood upright?

No. Your body is designed to work right all the time. It comes from every system, organ, tissue, and cell working perfectly in and of itself and coordinating with every system, organ, tissue, and cell in perfect harmony.

How does that happen?  Is it possible in an imperfect world?

YES!   But not in today’s medical world.   You need to step outside 20th-Century thinking into 21st-Century thinking and understand the real definition of health and what constitutes illness.

Modern medical and drug-oriented thinking says that the body is weak and needs drugs to get by. They say that the answer to every (or most) health ills is chemical – that drugs to change what’s going on inside is the answer. … Really??

If we are supposed to be healthy, it follows that if we are sick, then something has interfered with our normal function. That can be injury, nutrition deficiencies, strong, usually negative, emotions, and most commonly, displaced vertebrae choking off nerve energy flow and weakening part of your body.

Vertebral displacement – scientifically called vertebral subluxation – is the most common form of interference with your nerve system and your health.

Most people regard that as a cause of back pain. Period.    They say, “I know when I’m out because I hurt. Put it back in and I’m good.”  

That is so WRONG ! ! !

Vertebral displacement – subluxation – places undue pressure on nerves so they cannot carry vital messages from your brain to your organs and cells and back again. Lose that vital communication and you are sick.

Get rid of the interference – that means getting your spine adjusted to restore proper function and nerve energy – and your body will heal itself. We’re not talking backache therapy here… your body can heal anything, as in EN EE THING. 

Your body does not need anything from outside to heal, just to be free of interference.

That is the highest and best use of chiropractic – to get your spine in line and working – moving – properly. And to keep it that way through regular check-ups. That investment in your health returns so much more than stocks, bonds, or oil wells … because when you have your health, you have it all.