Thyroid Conditions

The thyroid – that small, butterfly-shaped gland in your throat – controls every organ, tissue, and cell in your body. Mess with the thyroid and you take out all of you. 

Thyroids don’t just go bad because… they need a good shove in that direction. 

That can come from:   

1. Over-stressed, sick neurons (brain cells) feeding your thyroid bad data from your master computer, your brain.
2. Nerves carrying said data from your brain to the thyroid getting scrambled en route, usually from some interference. A common interference is your neck getting out of whack and choking those nerves, but more on that in a bit…
3. Chemical imbalance due to ongoing high stress, crummy diet, bad boss, or low-level food sensitivity (a notch below allergy and not nearly so noticeable… in fact, most people who have it don’t know they have it.) 

4. The most common is ALL OF THE ABOVE 

The biggest thyroid issue is hypo activity – it is too darn slow. This is the one that starts in the thyroid, but usually because of the four items listed just above the thyroid doesn’t just go bad. 

The next is hyper activity – too darn fast. Oops, that is not really a thyroid problem. It is a nerve problem from outside affecting the thyroid, so the thyroid is the victim here but catches blame because of irregular thyroid hormones. 

Third and last is both, swinging back and forth like a pendulum. It spends most of its time in hypo- mode, or too little. 

What do we do for it? 

First, we test to see the thyroid hormone levels. If you’ve had it done recently, great. Otherwise, it’s off to the lab with you. 

While we await the lab results (A day or two) we test for neurological imbalance. Very likely you have an imbalance in the frequency-of-firing rate of your neurons in your cerebellum from left to right. This can and does cause inflammation in the nerve system. It is low-grade, and might not trigger a blood-lab inflammation test, but it is there. 

You might also have a gut issue, such as leaks. Yes, leaks, as in drip, drip. Actually, they are microscopic in size, and allow only a few molecules to seep through, but those molecules do not belong outside your intestines, loose in your abdomen. Your body will treat them as foreign tissue, because at that point, they are. The immune system goes to work, but if you leak with every meal, your immune system gets no time off. It is in red-alert invasion mode all the time instead of doing guard duty as it should. It is going to crash. 

Sooooo…. Your confused immune system starts attacking you. This is called auto-immunity, treating your own body as an invader. The thyroid gland is a common subject and suffers accordingly. 

How to deal with it? First, if you haven’t already, figure out to which foods you are allergic. Or sensitive – remember that low-level, subtle but significant condition? Let it go on, 24-7-365 and it adds up. 

What about those choked-off nerves scrambling instructions and energy from your brain? How do we get them back on line? 

That’s where chiropractic comes in – but not the type you are used to. It is a certain method of adjustment, done on only one side, not both, that is beneficial. 

When you stabilize your metabolism with a cleaned-up diet, and stabilize your nerve system with one-side chiropractic care, you have your best chance of clearing out thyroid sympotoms, and sould wind up with a correction of the problem, not just feeling better. 

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